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BENEFITS AND IMPORTANCE OF A TRAFFIC - Many people who are successful in internet marketing. Most expect to get income from internet marketing that they run. 

There are three main things that need to be remembered to generate income on the internet, which is: TRAFFIC , TRAFFIC and TRAFFIC . Yes, that's the importance of traffic . How important? Hmmm ... very important. 

Traffic is the fuel in the online business world. If you will double your income then double the traffic to your website / blog. The more traffic that comes, the opportunity for more products / affiliate programs to sell is also getting bigger.


If you already have a website / blog with content that is weighted, design that is interesting and informative, then focus on building traffic. It's time to introduce your website / blog in the internet universe.

There are several ways to introduce your website :

1. Traffic can be brought from search engines. Search engines like: Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. The higher the ranking of search engines, the greater the chance of traffic you will get. The easier it is for visitors to find your website.

2. Place an ad. Many are paid and free. advertising is the fastest way to bring traffic, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements.

3. Traffic from various sources. As usual, social media is directed to your website.

4. Traffic that sticks / comes back. Make visitors come back to your website.

Blast traffic on your website, your income will also explode. But, traffic is not the final result. 

If you sell an affiliate product / program, the end result will be the sale of the product / service. Now can you convert so that your website visitors will become buyers of your products and will even become loyal customers?

There are 3 effective ways to convert your visitors:

1. Quality Products

Whatever product you are selling, make sure it is of good quality. Give detailed information about the products you offer. 

Understand the products you offer. Never give wrong information that is only to attract interest, if so the customer will not come back again.

2. Use the power of words

The power of words determines whether a visitor buys or not. Images and videos are useful for making a website interesting, but, words attract visitors to buy. 

Use words that are powerful and convincing. The power of words sends a message to the minds of prospective buyers and moves their minds to buy. Try visiting successful websites. Learn the strategies from the power of the words they use. You can apply it for your online business.

3. Build Communication that is warm

Build a warm communication with your visitors. Act like a friend who is familiar. Suppose you are talking directly with them. Be friendly with them. Respond to all the comments and give a good response.

Converting visitors to product buyers requires training. The more hours you fly, the more you will recognize the best patterns that you will apply. 


Enabling Youtube Monetize After Being Banned - often as a video publisher hoping to get money from YouTube feeling the turmoil. Where I adsense which has been a source of livelihoods has been suspended or banned.

And such questions as YouTube accounts have been banned, all channel monetize disable features. How to activate YouTube monetize after being banned. Adsense or google adsense accounts have not been activated. 

Most of the friends of blogger mania Do not know what to do, finally just surrender. Even though the videos have been uploaded hundreds. 


The Friends of the blogger mania until bloody blood see the video so many now can not be watched without producing.

This is the personal experience of my fellow blogger mania friends. The monetize feature on YouTube isn't enabled because the Google AdSense account has been banned.

How or techniques to Activate Youtube After Monetize After Banned

Already from now on we do not need to lament the sadness where when we go back to work and make money from YouTube, then how do you reactivate the monetize feature on YouTube after getting banned ?, 

Blogger friend friends let's refer to the experience of my friends who have been banned Google adsense accounts.

The first question for blogger friend mania is why are you banned? That is the initial question. 

I got banned. Among other reasons 

- because our videos violate copyrights, 

- because the website or blog that we use as a media to publish google adsense violates the Google TOS, 

The result is that the monetize feature on YouTube is inactive because the AdSense account is disabled.

Even though all accounts have been banned because many people are ignorant. Remember, every forum can drop a group when the forum is compact. 

Why is that so? In the forum we invite to report all the videos or all the content that this content. Which basically violates google TOS.

The increasing number of reports, the adsense account even YouTube channels can be banned. We can do an appeal if we experience that. 

However, a tutorial on how to activate YouTube's monetize after being banned has been successful now.

Then my friend, while watching the number of pensive videos, search the internet here and there, so there is no one who provides a solution. As a result, he entered YouTube's monetize link manually. That is by opening the address: 


Suddenly, the face that was cloudy now turned bright red. It turns out that after entering the link, there is step by step to re-enter the adsense account that is included in the monetize youtube program.

From this link, we usually create or register again if we don't have a google adsense account. 

Instead of directly being accepted, we must wait in approve of 100 percent and the face of a friend of blogger friends who initially returned to be bright and radiant, now it is as if black and cloudy are coming after a warm moment.

The dew drops are gone, I'm pensive. Why is that? Because my friends are anxiously, whether I will receive the adsense registration. Thank God, no one hour, there was confirmation from Google that the Hosted Google Adsense account was active.

This means that the monetize feature on your YouTube channel will again be activated. After practicing how to enable monetize youtube after being banned. The next task is to activate every video that we have uploaded.

To activate it, it is quite easy, by selecting select all videos, then all the videos have been re-registered in the monetize program. The author guarantees that this story will be real, not mere fantasy.


Increase Alexa Rank quickly -  We are like bloggers, of course, our blog is crowded with visitors, both from abroad or within the country. One of them is the number of blog visitors can be seen from our blog's Alexa Rank, the smaller our AR, the better our blog is in the eyes of search engines or audiences.

Alexa Rank is also a reference for bloggers as far as our blog gets a lot of visitors.

As a matter of course, this blog has not been there for 2 months, but thank God AR blog has reached 3 million from initially around 24 million. How could that be? how fast is that Alexa Rank, the blog dropped dramatically ?? 

This time I will share my experience with the bloggers that might be implemented. And this is just me from the experience for the past 2 months :)

Improving Alexa Rank is fast

 One of them is the number of blog visitors d IMPROVE ALEXA RANK QUICKLY

Here are a few tips from me:

Make a blog that can only make you happy and not burdened because of your own "blog".

The blog you are supposed to make is more than the others, that is to say, make it a distinctive feature of your blog both in the posts, or appearance and the like.

If your blog has a lot of copas, like I have a good idea to include the source even if you don't have a link (my blog might also have no source ^^)

The layout of the widget is not messy, the settings are as good as possible and do not be disheveled because visitors are guests, so make guests comfortable on your blog.

For good ads to show in a special place and do not place ads when your blog appears because, it makes visitors reluctant to see and impressed "forced" to be seen or clicked on.

Blog templates should fit the theme of the blog you are about to create, do not redirect your blog content. 

If you use photos or pictures on a blog or post, arrange them neatly. Don't make an empty place.

Blogwalking often to fellow bloggers, and the response is good with your guests.

Follow or backlinks also need to be done, both according to the theme of the blog that you created.
And finally, try and join the surf engine.

That's the tips from me that maybe I will apply it, hopefully I will provide some benefits. Thank you.


Keyword Research with Google Facilities - Almost all of my blogs are connected to google analytics and webmaster tools , including PBN blogs too ... 

Not just to see visitors or just to indexing, but more because it is often fun to look at the data ..

Look at the data to pray for style, it does not mean I understand to read and use it wkwkkk

Btw, one of the things I often do is look for keyword ideas from Google Analytics and also webmaster tools. 

Later keywords can be used as separate articles, update existing articles, or sometimes be a new web niche idea too ..

Keyword Research With Google Facilities

Not just to see visitors or just make indexing anyway KEYWORD RESEARCH WITH GOOGLE FACILITIES

Note: suitable for websites that already have articles and visitors.

= Google Analytics =

1. The usual way, by looking at the search queries that go to our blog. Can be via the menu Acquisition> Search console> queries. Just choose keywords there.

2. Make use of site search. In blogs there is usually a search column in the sidebar or header right? Well this way The point is to see what keywords are used by visitors when searching, in our blog.

So that it can be recorded by Google Analytics, it must be set first. The trick is to enter the admin menu> all website data column> view settings> site search tracking, set it to ON. 

If you use wordpress, fill in the parameter query column with the letter s.

To see the results of the recorded keywords, go to the Behavior menu> site search> search term or search page, just sort and select the keywords there.

= Google Webmaster Tools =

1. The usual way; from the dashboard> search analytics> queries. Directly select the existing search query.

2. Search queries based on pages. In this way we can see any search query that goes to an article on our blog.


- go to dashboard> search analytics> select the Pages button. Check also impression, CTR and position options.

- Click the impressions column so they are sorted from largest to smallest.

- Select and click on a URL in the Pages column.

- then after that click the queries button.

- please choose keywords

- repeat in another url I

like to see this one because it's quite complete data. There is a monthly search volume data, there is also a CPC value.

In addition, it can break the 999 search queries limit on the webmaster. Each url limit is 999, multiplied by the number of our urls, the results are pretty much higher.


- Keyword results can be used when new articles are unique, update existing articles, make supporting articles to the main article, etc.

- monthly volume and cpc in webmaster tools seems to use global volume and cpc, so it doesn't seem so accurate.

- webmaster tool data can be compared for optimization of existing articles as well (eg impression vs ctr vs position) How much

complicated right? that is, because I am still a newbie so it is still struggling in a complicated and not necessarily correct, even though the earning is just like ... ah never mind: v


Hello bloggers mania are not bored as I oprak oprek on Android, after I have shared many cheat and like edits like Instagram and Instagram.

this way is very suitable for people who are active on Instagram, and it is suitable for someone who likes to Buy and Sell online who likes to increase their Rank in the sales area at the time, quite a lot of followers can be many and will like many to see many people like it and made a Favorite product

Well the technique that I will use will be to use Installike and Cheatdroid and okay is that Cheatdroid and Installike? Installe and Cheatdroid will also be a third application that has been synchronized with Instagram on time, 

well because it has been synchronized, then there we can cheat it by adding credit in it which is on the install, 

well, but the credit that is owned in install it may be a little, but there is a quiet solution, OK, we will immediately add it back with Cheatdroid, where with cheatdroid we will have a Credit that is not limited, OK we immediately add to the tips and tricks like Instagram and cheat. !

Okay, for the first step,  blogger mania,  download first, the material is below

>> Instalike V.5.5

>> Cheatdroid V.2.2

>> Busybox Pro APK V.3.4

OK, how about blogger friend Mania? I've downloaded the tools? if I go straight to the scene of the crime

1. Now for the first try rar, after all the file that was downloaded earlier, and try to install it all right now hihihihi, now after installing it, try to run busybok and install the Framework and after it is closed after all, just after I installed it, try to run busybok and install the Framework and after it is closed, just after I installed it, I will try to run busybok and install the Framework and after it is closed.

2. well below this look after the install install and cheatdroid

well if it's already installed try entering it first to the Cheatdroid application yeah, if it's just open and close again and enter to Install

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM

3. well below is the Installike Interface view, in the main view, try blogger mania, first login to your Instagram account via the Instalike application

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM

4. After Blogger mania Login to Instagram it will find the next display like this,

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM
Instagram view
Please friend blogger mania see the picture above,  Coin that blogger has if I will be more like 175, if friend blogger mania clicks on the buton get coin, you will be served with ads and get a little coin, but I will add a like in Instagram profile entooong twisted GET LIKE, okay after appearing in that friend blogger mania came out and entered the CHEATDROID application.

5 Now, below is the look of Cheatdroid,

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM
Cheatdroid display
The above is the Cheatdroid view, and in this view try the blogger friend mania, search for and select the INSTALLATION that I have marked.

6. After select InstallInstall later select UserPoin.XML as shown below ........
ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM

7. After selecting UserPoin.xml, try changing the coins now, but be careful, don't try to be greedy or change more than 10 thousand coins, if you want to add more coins, just wait, as the coins are installed, they will be greedy or change more than 10 coins, if you want to add more coins, just wait while the coins are installed, and use them to change them. which is explained in the steps. under this there is a display to change the coin

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM

well, in the picture, I just changed it to 9 thousand coins hehehhe

8. Well Okee continued, after changing according to the coin that was wanted in the blogger application, close the application and close it in the Install application, and then enter it in the picture. .......
ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM

9. Well, I see the coins are becoming 9,000 times, now after blogging, I will scroll through the  menu so that there are lots of people who like to multiply like it ... After all, the  blogger will then enter into a menu with a lot of them. In  blogger, the mania  gets like time,  blogger mania  scroll and set it like I want to like the like picture

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM
 choose who you want to like
And See the results after the process

ng liked and made a favorite product CHEAT MOST FOLLOWER AND LIKE INSTAGRAM
Instagram notification results